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Our photographers take pictures of your eye using the latest in camera technology and the right lighting



The image of the eye is adjusted so that all details in the iris come out without manipulating the colors. In this way, we manage to reveal the natural beauty of the eye.



Using the best equipment on the market, we can print high-quality photos that you will receive in the post.



With your personal piece of art, you can decorate your home or office perfectly  to have in the bedroom, living room or hallway

Irisgalleri concept

Your eye is a living work of art! Explore the art at Irisgalleri. At Irisgalleri you get unique works of art.


We capture the depth of your eyes and highlight the iris using modern technology. With ultra-sharp images, we print in high-quality works of art that are a memory for life that you will never tire of.


Our vision is to promote the art and showcase the unique colors and details of your eye.


At Irisgalleri you can get an iris photograph of your own eye, feel free to give this to a friend or family member as a gift or give them a gift card that you can buy from us. Let yourself and others be inspired by the unique work of art the eye is.

Our vision is to promote the art of you and showcase the unique colors and details of your eye.

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