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Give a gift that reflects the uniqueness in each of us!

How often do you have the opportunity to give a gift that is as unique as the person themselves? At Irisgalleri, we give you that chance! The eye is nature's most impressive work of art, with colors and details as unique as a fingerprint. A gift card from us is an invitation to immortalize this beauty in a high-quality work of art.


This is not just a picture; it is a deep dive into the essence of a person, a reflection of their "mirror of the soul". Your choice to give an Irisgalleri gift card means you see the value in celebrating individuality and beauty in a whole new way.


With a gift card from Irisgalleri, you give a gift that lasts a lifetime, and that continues to impress and inspire every day.

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You order a gift card by filling in the form below.


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We will send payment information to you VIPPS.


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We send a physical gift card to the specified postal address.

Bestilling av gavekort

Information about ordering

Information about recipient

Where should we send the physical card?

After the payment has been received, we will send the digital gift card to the orderer's email. 

Takk for din bestilling!

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